SUNBII - Don’t Go

Here’s a short one from South Korean producer SUNBII entitled “Don’t Go”. While its run time is quick, “Don’t Go” covers a lot of sonic territory during that span. Its slow and relaxed start is a bit of a misnomer; “Don’t Go” eventually builds to a much more intense yet satisfying experience. There are more tracks from SUNBII available over on SoundCloud; go ahead and give them a listen and as always, enjoy.

Panda Coast - Wool Jacket

Panda Coast mentions on their Bandcamp page that they make chill music for people with chill minds, and from the opening seconds of “Wool Jacket”, there’s no doubt about it: this sound is all about a certain state of mind. I’ve touched on before how predictability isn’t necessarily a bad thing; if a track goes in the direction you want it to go, shouldn’t you be happy? “Wool Jacket” combines a logical progression with flourishing creativity to make a very solid track. Check out more on Bandcamp from Panda Coast and as always, enjoy.

Nautical Youth - DPAT ft. Nautical Youth Above Us Remix

Soulection was the label of the year for 2013, and Dpat’s In Bloom was a big part of their success. Subdued, soulful, and experimental, In Bloom struck a good balance between accessibility and something more personal. Nautical Youth saw a bit more potential in the album closer, which brings us to his “Above Us” remix. Powerful but not forceful background rain and atmosphere are coupled with soft vocals and a laid back vibe to create a worthy rework. Check out more from Nautical Youth on SoundCloud and as always, enjoy. 

Worshyper - Goodbye

Music, in its very essence, is transformative; it forces us to think about what we ponder constantly, what we avoid, and what we have no knowledge of. When performed correctly, music can serve as a call to action, a mobilizing force fraught with emotion. Today, I came across Vol. 1: Foundations Built On Hope, and Empathy, a collective music project from Left of Field Records. The purpose of Vol. 1 is to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Worshyper’s “Goodbye” runs the gamut of emotion, dealing with feelings that we may not want but most deal with. If you get a chance, please donate anything you can on Bandcamp; Vol. 1 is definitely worth it.

After Eating - For Daisy (Pretty Brown Eyes)

I’m always impressed with the skill some producers have at such a young age. Only 17, After Eating comes to us with “For Daisy (Pretty Brown Eyes)”, a Gatsby-inspired stunner of a track. There are only certain times when movie samples work; thankfully, this is one of those times. Media is amazing in that it can influence people decades down the road; it makes a person wonder what F. Scott Fitzgerald would think of this track. Check out more on SoundCloud from After Eating and as always, enjoy.

The Fluid Music - My Body

Today we have another track that showcases great synergy between song, album name, and cover art. The uneven beat of The Fluid Music’s “My Body” fits in perfectly with the mind-tripping nature of the album artwork and thoughts of sedation. “My Body” is a hard track to put your finger on at first listen; restless and magical, it drifts along to nothing but its own drum. Check out more from The Fluid Music on their Bandcamp, and as always, enjoy.

Jamie xx - Sleep Sound

Back in 2011, when this blog was was quite young, my album of the year, without question, was Jamie xx’s take on Gil-Scott Heron, We’re New Here. There was nothing quite like it, and as much as I enjoy the xx, I’m always looking forward to Jamie xx’s solo material. Which brings us to “Sleep Sound”, one half of a single out May 5 on Young Turks. “Monolithic” is the best way I can describe “Sleep Sound”; it goes in so many directions, covers so much ground, describing everything going on in the track simply wouldn’t do it justice. Take a listen to “Sleep Sound” here and enjoy.

SivarBonsai - Promise

I’m always looking for music from different countries. No matter how you try to cut it, your environment influences who you are as a person and an artist, regardless of whether you accept or reject your conditions. SivarBonsai hails from El Salvador, and whether or not the location’s influence is apparent in “Promise”, the one thing we can be sure of is the originality of the track. The repeated phrase “I’ve got feelings too” can mean a plethora of things, but above all else, it comes across as, you guessed it, a promise. Interesting time signatures and a muted horn section add to the ambiance. Check out SivarBonsai on Bandcamp, and as always, enjoy.

Abhi//Dijon - Let You Know

If someone were to ask me where electronic music is right now, I’d point them toward Abhi//Dijon's “Let You Know”. The soulful lyrics, the rise and fall of the electronics, and the propulsive movement of the track screams 2014 in the best way. While you typically want a song you like to go on forever, “Let You Know” accomplishes everything it wants to do in its relatively short run time; such consideration is admirable. Check out more on SoundCloud and as always, enjoy.

Lxury - Never Love

It would have been easy to assume that once physical media started losing its prominence, the concept of the mixtape would die with it. In spite of this, projects like Said Deep Mixtapes keeps the concept and spirit of the mixtape alive by releasing a new mixtape every month. With so much new music saturating the market, it’s hard to keep track of what’s worth listening to; Said Deep does the hard work for you, finding new and exciting artists every day. Best of all, everything’s free. The first track that grabbed me off of the newest mixtape was Lxury’s “Never Love”; seemingly spanning several decades and cultures, “Never Love” needs to be heard. Grab Said Deep’s newest mixtape on their Bandcamp, and as always, enjoy.