Hologram Girl - Laughtrack

I’m not sure what it is with shoegaze and images from the 50’s and 60’s, but for some reason, they just fit together perfectly. One of the tenets of shoegaze is its ability to invoke strong emotion while staying fluid, just out of reach for the listener. As the 50’s and 60’s become more of a long-lost era, the connection begins to make more sense. Hologram Girl has married the two components together in “Laughtrack”, an enjoyable blur of a track that feels much shorter than its run-time. If Panda Bear went lo-fi with his vast compositions, it may sound a bit like “Laughtrack”. Check out more from Hologram Girl on Bandcamp and as always, enjoy.

Turn Back Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I’ll highlight a track that was released before the advent of Tumblr. Each track is chosen both for its influence and worthiness for additional exposure. 

K.C. Accidental - Ruined in 84

Whenever I listen to a band that could be described as a collective, I always wonder: how is each band member’s voice represented? Every drum beat, pluck of the guitar, and cymbal crash had to come from someone; how did each band member’s artistic vision manifest itself? Sometimes the liner notes don’t really cut it.

While I don’t think Broken Social Scene need any more exposure than they already have, the project that came before, K.C. Accidental, still remains under the radar. Spearheaded by two Broken Social Scene stalwarts, Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, K.C. Accidental existed in the five years before Broken Social Scene got rolling. “Ruined in 84”, off of their second release, Anthem For the Could’ve Bin Pills, shows both a clearer picture of what Drew and Spearin contribute to their later work, and where they may have gone if Broken Social Scene never came to be. Thankfully, we live in a world where we can have both; take a listen to “Ruined in 84” here, and as always, enjoy.

Tapes - Find Y.O.U

I absolutely love reverb; if you’ve followed this blog at all, many of the artists posted here have used it to great effect. However, it can just as easily become a crutch, destroying the original vision of a track for a path that may have seemed easier at the time. Reverb can cover a lot of mistakes, but using it for such purposes is completely missing the point. 

This is why I admire artists like Tapes so much. Everything just sounds so clean; Tapes’ approach doesn’t leave any room for error, pushing them to work harder every time. “Find Y.O.U” is a stunner of a track, recognizing current electronic trends but subverting expectations as well. If you like what you hear, head over to Bandcamp to grab Tapes’ newest release, Finding. As always, enjoy.

Starfoxxx - XTC Makeouts

Donky Pitch has been an incredibly consistent label over the past few years if you’re in the mood for some bangers, and today they come at us with their newest release, Starfoxxx’s Baby I’m Off Drugs And I’m Ready To Marry You. The whole album is fantastic, but “XTC Makeouts” is the one that stuck out to me first. Combining Far East influences with a more modern sensibility, “XTC Makeouts” is truly original. Head over to the Donky Pitch Bandcamp to listen to the album in its entirety, but make no mistake: Baby I’m Off Drugs And I’m Ready To Marry You is worth the money. Enjoy.

Turn Back Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I’ll highlight a track that was released before the advent of Tumblr. Each track is chosen both for its influence and worthiness for additional exposure.

Menomena - Muscle’n Flo

Album artwork has become somewhat of a lost art form as physical copies of music have seen their prominence slip over the years. In 2007, this was already in full effect, but Menomena’s Friend and Foe hearkened back to an era where album covers were still relevant. The cover of Friend and Foe is something to behold; animation on shows like Superjail! clearly drew inspiration from this type of art. Fantastic as it may be, however, an album cover means little if the music isn’t of the same caliber.

Thankfully, Menomena held up their end of the bargain, starting with the kinetic “Muscle’n Flo”. Just finding the strength to go on another day for many people can be a struggle; Menomena cuts to the core of this feeling, mixing reality and hope in a wondrous combination. Give “Muscle’n Flo” a listen in all its glory here, and as always, enjoy.

ATLER - Easy Evening

Where does a person draw the line between a remix and a sample? I once read that Dayve Hawk, otherwise known as Memory Tapes, decided that no more than fifteen percent of the original work made it into a remix. Such an approach makes the artist come up with an almost entirely new composition, leaving their distinct footprint on the work. However, any artist can have a different interpretation on this idea.

If it came right down to it, I’d have to consider ATLER’s “Easy Evening” an original work that samples Evenings’ “Friend (Lover)”, instead of a remix. “Easy Evening” plays as if it’s being listened to in a warehouse, and while it carries much of the same framework of the original, it is from a very different perspective, a separate place in time. If you’ve never heard the original, I encourage you to listen to it for a side-by-side comparison. While you’re at it, check out more from ATLER on Bandcamp. As always, enjoy.

Kaavi - Ambiance

The great thing about today’s track, Kaavi’s “Ambiance”, is that the vocals never let up once they get going around twenty seconds into the song. A less talented artist may decide to fill up the space around a track with the musical equivalent of busywork, bells and whistles that don’t really add to the spirit of the music. Here, the vocals in “Ambiance” are so strong, there’s no room for anything else. Told from the perspective of a woman who loves but is control of her own destiny, the lyrics in “Ambiance” are a thing to behold. Check out more on Bandcamp, and as always, enjoy.

Turn Back Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I’ll highlight a track that was released before the advent of Tumblr. Each track is chosen both for its influence and worthiness for additional exposure.

The Go! Team - Ladyflash

As I get older, I see so many reflections on past albums celebrating their 10th, 20th, or 25th anniversaries. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized that it’s been almost ten years since the first release of The Go! Team’s debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Most artists take a couple EPs or even a few albums before they get a handle on their sound. The Go! Team, on the other hand, showed up to the party fully formed, ready to kick the door down and pummel the listener with cheerleader chants and ‘70’s samples.

"Ladyflash" still sounds fantastic ten years after it first surfaced; it’s perfect soundtrack music, whether you are getting amped up for a competition or when you want it to pick you up off the ground when you’re feeling down. The current state of sample-based music always seems to have a foot in earlier generations; "Ladyflash" proves that The Go! Team was way ahead of the curve on that one. Take a listen to "Ladyflash" here and as always, enjoy.

Adam Halogen - so (thvn remix)

Let’s start off the first full week of August with an unbelievably smooth remix of Adam Halogen’s “So” via thvn. “So” is incredibly well-suited to the season; everything that one would hope summer could be is contained in this three minute track. Put “So” on in pretty much any situation and it’s sure to lower your blood pressure. “So” is one of five remixes that thvn has released; check them out over on the Ultra Vague Recordings Bandcamp and as always, enjoy.

Edamame - Maenam-la

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for real-world sounds used in electronic compositions; if an artist can make the sound of traffic, the shuffling of paper, or the closing of a porch door into something musically, more power to them. Edamame’s “Maenam-la” pulls this trick from the opening seconds, using it as the backdrop for a relaxed but strong composition. Its the kind of track that makes the listener look around at everyday sounds and wonder what possibilities they may hold. Check out Edamame’s newest release, Lawndale, on Bandcamp right now, and as always, enjoy.