Monster Rally - El Retorno

There’s a big difference between being a one-note artist and having a particular aesthetic. A one-note artist does not use variation; every song takes you to the same place. An artist with a well-defined aesthetic is aware of their capabilities, but know how to use them to create a special experience for the listener every time.

Monster Rally, luckily, is the latter. By this point, with 5 EPs and 5 full-length albums over the last three years, Monster Rally has established an identity lush with color, warmth, and nostalgia. However, within that spectrum, Monster Rally can go anywhere. Listening to “El Retorno”, off of his newest release Return to Paradise, I was struck by how it took parts of the Monster Rally I’ve grown to know and love and combined it with elements setting foot on a whole new path. Return to Paradise is available through the always reliable Gold Robot Records via Bandcamp; take a listen and enjoy.

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